Audrey Thompson

Audrey is the go-to gal for presenting just the right message in just the right way—brisk and businesslike, gracious and warm, or anything in between. Creative as a writer and rigorous as an editor (especially of her own stuff), she crafts every sentence to engage readers, deepen understanding, and advance your message, clear and true.

People hire me for:  clarity of thinking and variety of expression

All-time favorite project:  developing and co-teaching a three-day Aldus Business Communications course as part of Aldus’ employee training program. The 12-person class was always full and a hoot to teach. Seeing people release their fear of writing and improve their skills in even a short time was very gratifying.

If I didn’t do what I do, I would like to:  trek across Europe on foot

When I’m not working you can find me:  hiking or walking through the latest neighborhood, mountain, forest, or national park where I’ve moved my RV-based office

Favorite words to live by: “Self-discipline is remembering what you really want.” —Sy Safransky, quoting a friend

Helpless in the face of:  anything I need to squat to examine: bugs, flowers, ground critters, dirt clods…

Favorite bookThe Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul, or practically anything else by Douglas Adams

Favorite wordperspicacity (partly because it’s just fun to say)

Favorite sound:  horses munching hay in a barn

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