Our Story

Our Story

We believe in co-creating with our clients and, whenever possible, making it fun! Attentive listening and insightful questions lead our process, often guiding us to unexplored, breakthrough territory. We think that work is a place of doing and being, and we try always to deliver the best of both. The name Make it Matter reflects our desire to make what we create—and our time on earth—count.

Making the complex clear.

In a complicated world, we all long for simplicity. We sift through the tangle of facts, figures, and jargon, gently unraveling, to find the red thread of your story. Then we follow it to craft communications that are pared down yet complete, technically strong, yet elegant. Our specialty is teasing out quality from quantity and benefits from features to create relevant, resonant messages that trigger a connection and move people to action.

Are you headed for blue sky? We love it there.

Sometimes nothing is figured out or everything needs to be reinvented. We love creating from the beginning, testing the unknown, and defining the future. We are not afraid to challenge assumptions, push boundaries, and tell a new story, grounded in thorough research and finely tuned marketing instincts. We bring structure and creativity to these blue sky projects. We have even been known to make it look easy.

People are at the heart of the matter.

We are technology lovers—geeks, if you wish—but we’re also well versed in business. We realize that what is most important about technology, or any business product, is the potential to change people’s lives for the better. Our storytelling is people-centered. We are always looking for the human connection, whether it’s through emotion or humor or just a simple, genuine story that lets your value speak for itself.

“The MIM team creates an environment that encourages brainstorming—a place where valuable ideas emerge from the background to take their rightful place front and center. MIM’s open, creative approach helps us produce deliverables that hit the bull’s-eye every time.” -Andrew Moore