Our Team

Who We Are

Make it Matter is a community of talented marketing professionals with nimble minds, caring spirits, and a lifelong commitment to enjoying life’s simple pleasures. We are strategists, writers, branding experts, designers, and producers with decades of successful projects behind us and a shared excitement about what’s next.

Cécile Thomas
As coach or as co-creator, Cécile focuses on finding the
Gail Rice
Gail translates Geek to English, making leading-edge technology understandable for
Jackie Mintz
Jackie reveres the well-chosen word and prizes proper punctuation. She
Amber Sullivan
Amber specializes in heavy lifting—with an artistic flair. A powerhouse
Leslye Wood
Leslye’s world is language arts for business. Her career has
Carrie Greaves
Carrie uses design to breathe life into marketing collateral and

“You are a challenger. Challengers add significant value by making people think things through and by sharing a perspective from a different vantage point. This sets you apart from others.” -Jim Henrys (no, it’s not a typo!)

Make it Matter, LLC is a certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE) in the state of Washington.