Cécile Thomas

As coach or as co-creator, Cécile focuses on finding the human connections that inspire people to positive action. Her first step, always, is to listen. Then, she dives deep—into your content or your heart— searching for cues, cornerstones, and patterns that will strengthen your message. She surfaces with spare, elegant images and words that clarify the complex and connect deeply. As a coach, she works closely with clients to strengthen their message delivery, often serving as a companion on the road. Whether coaching or creating, Cécile places being present at the top of her job description.

People hire me for:  active listening, visualization of complex systems, blue sky thinking, rapid prototyping of concepts and strategies

All-time favorite project:  producing the Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA) worldwide launch video for Intel – I loved meeting nurses and physicians all over the world, capturing their stories and witnessing the spark in their eyes as they experienced an entirely new way to use technology that brought them closer to their patients.  It’s been several years since then, and clinical-grade tablets now are used worldwide. From surgical theaters in Hamburg, Germany, to rural medicine clinics in remote villages in China, they are improving and saving lives every day.

If I didn’t do what I do, I would like to:  create peaceful spaces in wild gardens

When I’m not working you can find me:  in nature or playing with pigments

Favorite words to live by:  This will also change.

Speechless in the face of:  grace

Favorite book:  The Voices of Silence by André Malraux

Favorite word:  interstitial

Favorite sound:  water

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