Gail Rice

Gail translates Geek to English, making leading-edge technology understandable for the rest of us. Her skills have been fine-tuned over more than 25 years of communications consulting, program management, and event production for companies such as Aldus (now Adobe), Microsoft, Intel, and Hewlett-Packard. Gail’s clients appreciate her ability to keep cool under pressure and get the job done. With her broad experience staging tech-oriented events in countries around the world, there are few logistical challenges she hasn’t faced (and conquered). It’s no wonder she can say “no worries” in 12 languages—and mean it.

People hire me for:  my ability to pull disparate things – people, ideas, projects – together to achieve a common goal (a.k.a. “cat-herding”)

All-time favorite project:  staging a keynote at an electronics and entertainment expo (E3) during which Intel CEO Andy Grove danced in the opening  number in a gold lamé “clean suit”   (Then again, any project with Andy was my favorite.)

 If I didn’t do what I do, I would like to:   grow flowers for sale

When I’m not working you can find me:  on the golf course or at home cooking dinner for my family

Favorite words to live by:  “Chance favors the prepared mind.” —Louis Pasteur

Helpless in the face of:  the power of human voices joined together in a cappella singing

Favorite book:  The Boys in the Boat by Daniel Brown

Favorite word:  perfect (because who doesn’t want to hear that what they’ve done is absolutely, exactly what needed to be done?)

Favorite sound:  the “chuk” of eight oars dipping into the water in unison (being a coxswain is in my DNA)

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