Cécile Thomas
As coach or as co-creator, Cécile focuses on finding the human connections that inspire people to positive action. Her first
Gail Rice
Gail translates Geek to English, making leading-edge technology understandable for the rest of us. Her skills have been fine-tuned over
Jackie Mintz
Jackie reveres the well-chosen word and prizes proper punctuation. She writes. She edits. She proofreads. (She answers to the honorary
Amber Sullivan
Amber specializes in heavy lifting—with an artistic flair. A powerhouse with over 25 years of graphic design experience, Amber spends
Leslye Wood
Leslye’s world is language arts for business. Her career has taken her from educator to executive to writer. She crafts
Carrie Greaves
Carrie uses design to breathe life into marketing collateral and trade show materials for clients large and small. With many
Crai S. Bower
Crai S Bower writes stories from 25-character taglines to 2,500-word case studies for a variety of companies including Intel, Microsoft,
John Heile
John draws on his architectural background to produce cutting-edge 3D and 2D digital animations and illustrations, motion graphics, video and
Davey Jolosky
Davey Jolosky is a creative director, art director, graphic designer, and filmmaker/director with a passion for building and maintaining world-class